The Cordlife Advantage

Cord Blood Banking

Our Pledge to Quality Processing and Storage Standards

Cordlife assures you of a cord blood unit of suitable match or SG$50,000 to defray medical costs if the cord blood unit loses its viability at the point of transplant*.

Cord Lining Banking

The CellOptimaTM Assurance

Optimal Condition Assurance

Using CellOptima™ proprietary cell biomarker verification, your baby’s cord lining will be tested after 4 weeks of cryopreservation. During this process, sample segments of the frozen cord lining will be thawed and tested for cell viability and proliferation. This verification step is important as it helps ensure that your baby’s cord lining has been properly stored and can be used for future medical treatments. The objective of this process is to validate the following:

  • Cell type(s) confirmation using MSC and/or EpSC biomarkers
  • Cell viability
  • Cell proliferation also known as the ability to multiply further
  • Cord lining sterility

Quality Storage Assurance

Your baby’s cord lining will be stored in its original, unexpanded raw form. This ensures minimal manipulation that helps to retain the stem cells’ original characteristics and gives your family greater access to:

  • The potential of harvesting other undiscovered cell types (besides MSC and EpSC)
  • A higher purity of cells upon stem cell expansion
  • Better stem cell expansion techniques in the future

*Terms & Conditions apply. Please refer to the Cordlife Service Agreement for full details.