By Dr Chin Shou King, BDS (Singapore), Dental Surgeon

As a dentist, I am often beset with worried parents, concerned about their children's teeth. They often ask why the teeth came out so large or small in size, why they are so crooked and whether they will need braces next time. Usually these 'problems' are a little exaggerated with an examination often reveals that the child is fine. All we need to do is a little explanation and reassurance to the worried parents, followed by careful monitoring and follow up.

However, I do come across the odd parent who has little or no concern for their child's teeth at all and I become the worried one! The child has not been taught how or when to brush their teeth and they show up with whopping big cavities and sometimes toothaches. Some parents are under the misconception that the deciduous or baby's teeth are not important and will be replaced in due time. This is not only dangerous, but can be detrimental to the child's psychological and overall well being.

Published in Best 9 Months